EaP Innovations Update September-October 2018

EaP Innovations Update September-October 2018


The update informs on the recent developments in the six EaP countries in the area of innovations, digitalization, e-Government and e-commerce. Institute of Innovative Governance believes that innovations and rapid economic development will foster EaP’s integration to the European Union.



Government of Armenia defined the next steps of ICT development in the country

Government of Armenia met with the Tumo Creative Technologies Center to set the priorities of further development of ICT and innovations in the country.

According to Prime-Minister of Armenia, Nicol Pashynian the successful model of Armenia tech education led by Tumo Creative Technologies center can be replicated in many countries and Armenia Government is ready to support this process. Read more



Azerbaijan introduced X-road e-government system and shared its experience at Tallinn E-Government Conference


X-road, an Estonian e-government system has already been implemented in Ukraine, Finland and Namibia. Originally X-Road was simply used to send queries to different databases. Now it has developed into a tool that can also write to multiple databases, transmit large data sets and perform searches across several databases simultaneously. X-Road is also the first data exchange platform in the world that allows data to be automatically exchanged between countries. Since June 2017, automatic data exchange capability has been established between Estonia and Finland. Read more on AzerTas



Belarus is discussing the new draft Law "On Personal Data"

Belarus has been working on the draft Law "On Personal Data" since autumn 2017 and has recently made it public. According to many experts, the Law resembles the EU's GDPR in many areas. The law is expected to be approved by the end of the year.



Bitmain Launched World Digital Mining Summit in Tbilisi, Georgia


Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu and Roger Ver, CEO of Bitcoin.com and Head speaker of ListWhen Cryptocurrency and Digital Mining Leaders met in Tbilisi on September 21-23. Bitmain Technologies Ltd, a world leader in blockchain hardware, software, and services, has partnered with BitKan to host the inaugural World Digital Mining Summit. The World Digital Mining Summit brought together cryptocurrency miners and blockchain enthusiasts to connect, learn and build their network while exchanging face-to-face insights with industry leaders. Read more




New Law which would regulate the activities of Innovation incubators has been suggested

According to the new Law the innovation incubators and scientific parks and centers will be established only upon the approval of the documents of each organization. The Law stipulates that the incubators must exist not less than 10 years compared to the old Law which provisioned the period of at least 25 years. Read more



Ukraine established a Coordination Council on Digital Economy Development


A Coordination Council was established by the First Vice-Prime0Minister of Ukraine and Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. According to the Ministry of Ecomonic Development and Trade the main aim of the Council is to implement the Plan of Activities on Economy and Society Digitalization in 2018 and enhance effective cooperation between the government, business and civil society in this sector.