EaP Innovations Update March 2019

EaP Innovations Update March 2019

The update informs on the recent developments in the six EaP countries in the area of innovations, digitalization, e-Government and e-commerce. Institute of Innovative Governance believes that innovations and rapid economic development will foster EaP’s integration to the European Union.




1st Aurora Forum to be held in Armenia in October 2019




The first Aurora Forum will take place in Yerevan, Armenia on October 14-21, 2019. The Forum will bring together the world’s leading authorities on social, scientific-technological, educational, and humanitarian innovation, marking the first program of its kind in the region, the IDeA Foundation told Armenpress.


The weeklong series of activities will provide an opportunity for thought leaders to compare best practices, lessons learned and, in some cases, disruptive thinking around issues ranging from infrastructure challenges to healthcare breakthroughs to women’s empowerment.


Read more: https://armenpress.am/eng/news/961731





Azertelecom started cooperation with Azerbaijan Railways



The construction of a fibre-optic backbone infrastructure along the railways will enable Azerbaijan to become Digital Hub of the region in the shortest possible time, along with the status of Transport and Energy Corridor. The project is also being implemented by AzerTelecom within the project of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC on transformation of the country into the Transport Hub.


More: https://www.azertelecom.az/en/news/2019/01/21/65.html





Belarus and Armenia discussed prospects for scientific, technical and innovative cooperation



lexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, and Samvel Harutyunyan, Chairman of the Committee on Science of the Republic of Armenia, discussed the prospects for bilateral cooperation, including within the European Union's program on science and innovation Horizon 2020 and the Interstate Council for Cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation spheres (IC STI). 


It should be noted that Belarusian scientists together with Armenian partners carried out four projects in the field of science and education, socio-economic and information and communication areas for a total of 215 thousand USD in 2018. 


Read more: http://www.gknt.gov.by/en/news/2019/belarus-and-armenia-discussed-prospects-for-scientific-technical-and-innovative-cooperation/


Two Belarusian start ups named CES 2019 Innovation Awards honorees


Two Belarus-based startups today were named the Innovation Awards honorees at the major tech exposition CES 2019 taking place in Las Vegas on 9-11 January, reports Hi Tech Park. The electronic haptic suit Teslasuit was picked as the most innovative product in the Virtual and Augmented Reality category. The women's health monitoring application Flo was selected as the Innovation Awards honoree in the Software and Mobile Apps category.


Read More:https://euroradio.fm/en/two-belarusian-startups-named-ces-2019-innovation-awards-honorees




Best Practice in Digital Transformation Shared at Regional Workshop in Georgia


EBU Members from Armenia. Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, FYR Macedonia, Russia and Turkey gathered on 13 and 14 February at the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB)'s headquarters in Tbilisi to for a regional workshop on Digital Transformation.


GPB Director General Vasil Maghlaperidze opened the workshop, held as part of the Digital Transformation Inititave with the aim of building connections between peers around shared challenges, opportunities and goals. A diverse group of participants from the region represented their respective Member organizations, with participation from GPB, PTV (Armenia), BNT & BNR (Bulgaria), BR (Germany), MRD (FYR Macedonia), RTR (Russia), and TRT (Turkey).


Each Member presented the current priorities and challenges they are facing, with topics including reaching new audiences, digitizing archives, initiating/expanding DAB+, improving the content offering for non-linear programs, and creating better synergy between traditional and online services.


Read more: https://www.ebu.ch/news/2019/02/best-practice-in-digital-transformation-shared-at-regional-workshop-in-georgia




Moldova and Estonia show how different democracies can be



Estonia joined the European Union in 2004 and the euro zone in 2011; Moldova’s EU candidacy has ground to a halt. Transparency International deems Estonia squeaky-clean, the 18th-least-corrupt country in the world. Moldova is 117th. Estonia is an IT hub, Moldova a farm economy whose pride is its excellent wines. Adjusted for purchasing power, Estonians are five times richer than Moldovans.


Read more: https://www.economist.com/europe/2019/03/02/moldova-and-estonia-show-how-different-democracies-can-be


Moldovan election prompts Facebook to remove accounts


Facebook said the accounts posted about divisive political issues, shared manipulated photos, and impersonated a local fact checking-organisation. It said 168 accounts, 28 pages and eight Instagram users had been removed. But unlike allegations of election interference in the United States, the activity came from within Moldova, it said. "Although the people behind this activity attempted to conceal their identities, our manual review found that some of this activity was linked to employees of the Moldovan government," the social network said in a statement.


Read more: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-47237920




New software aims to bring transparency to Ukrainian civil service


The Ukrainian National Civil Service Agency (NACS) has signed 1.5 million US dollar contract for the supply and installation of a Human Resources (and Payroll) Management Information System (HRMIS) for Ukrainian public administration institutions.


The HRMIS is a modern software that combines and automates a number of HR functions and analytical tools, such as storing employee data, managing payrolls, recruitment, and benefits administration. Importantly, it also provides public access to open data related to the headcount and payroll of public administration institutions.


Read more: https://emerging-europe.com/news/new-software-aims-to-bring-transparency-to-ukrainian-civil-service/