EaP Innovations Update Janury 2018

EaP Innovations Update Janury 2018



The update informs on the recent developments in the six EaP countries in the area of innovations, digitalization, e-Government and e-commerce. Institute of Innovative Governance believes that innovations and rapid economic development will foster EaP’s integration to the European Union.



Innovation and Technology Park in Yerevan

The Armenian capital is going be home to the region's first Innovation and Technology Park. The facility to be constructed in Yerevan will promote also job creation, offering work to over 6000 leading professionals who will lead the integration of IT and innovation into all the major industries in the country, including engineering, finance, banking, healthcare, insurance, agriculture, mining, media, and telecommunication. Read more



Innovation House to be opened in Azerbaijan

The Innovation House will host many projects in the field of innovation, information and communication technologies are being implemented in Azerbaijan. Among others, the creation of a “state cloud”, a DATA-center, the development of the Internet, and the creation of new specialties in educational institutions. Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Education Idris Isayev spoke about measures being implemented in the country on the use of innovative technologies in the field of education. Read more



The Cybersecurity 202: Georgia election security fight tees up national debate


Georgia's own election security fight is teeing up a national debate over the most secure and accurate way for citizens to cast ballots.

The Georgia House passed a bill this week requiring statewide use of electronic voting machines that produce a paper receipt for voters to verify their ballots are accurate. Some voting security experts are warning, however, that those systems aren’t nearly secure enough and that any ballot filled out by a machine is vulnerable to hacking. They say paper ballots filled out with pen and ink should be the gold standard. Read more



New policies on innovations were improved


More than 80 events in the field of tech innovations will take place in Belarus in 2019. The events are expected to serve as a platform for partnerships between start-ups, businesses, academia and government. Read more



Digital IT park is reducing labour migration


47 IT companies in Moldova are providing jobs to young people. Government has provided bureaucratic simplification for emerging IT businesses which stimulates business environment. Read more



EU project provides recommendations for Ukrainian government IT systems development

EU project EGOV4Ukraine, the State Agency for E-Governance and the National Civil Service Agency of Ukraine with the EU's financial support have audited Ukrainian government information systems and developed 14 recommendations for their upgrading and development. The audit lasted until October 2018 and included 573 IT systems of 66 government organisations and 24 regional administrations. Read more