What We Do

Our priority is to keep up with a fast pace of technological and innovational advancement. Therefore, conducting independent high-quality research and the implementation of civic-tech projects beneficial to the public interest is the essence of what we do, guided by the core principles of  our organization – innovation and human rights.

Our experts will find the innovation-driven solutions to the hottest issues via thorough and empirical research. We base our analysis on strong evidence, reliable data and the usage of an appropriate methodology. Our team of analysts produces on a monthly basis policy briefs, aimed at bringing the most alarming issues to the agenda and propose the effective policy options within the European Union. A group of policy analysts issues regularly analytical articles focusing on innovations and the future of economy, work, education, society, health, environment, digital trends and threats. And the advisory board consisting of well-known and experienced professionals in the field always make sure that the research and analytical work is headed in the right direction.

We are also committed to challenging ‘the status quo’ of the current state of affairs in the institutional structures and civil society, strengthening the capacity of innovative democracy and protecting human rights by introducing and implementing civic-tech projects.  The basis of our work is strong methodology, reliable evidence and data, professional advocacy and concise findings which will help to shape the policy.