Institute of Innovative Governance Report 2019

2019 was a great year for the Institute of Innovative Governance. We advanced and raised awareness on digital human rights in Ukraine, contributed to inclusive e-democracy and e-governance and launched a number of exciting projects which contributed to democracy strengthening and ensuring human rights in Ukraine as well as supported Ukraine’s integration to the European Union.
Some of our activities included:

  • Trainings on social innovations and digitalisation for CSOs and other groups in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan supported by Innovation for Change Central Asia.
  • Launching of E-Women platform which aims to engage women into politics through e-democracy services. The platform is powered by blockchain: http://e-women.instingov.org/
  • Developing EULobbyBot, an algorithm which connects EU citizens with the European Parliament. We were honoured to present it in Nantes, Lisbon and Brussels.
  • Advocacy for digital inclusion and policy papers on digital gap, digital skills, EU Digital Single Market, AI, cyber security, Digital4Development.
  • Holding trainings on public innovation, digital skills and design-thinking for public sector in Nikopol, Zhytomyr and Chervonohrad in Ukraine.

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